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Grateful for your words

 I am glad Oriane is taking care of my well being. She is truly amazing. She’s the only one I trust. I love reiki and all these practices but I’m also scared to get some unwanted stuff at the same time. Oriane has a pure heart and pure intentions, so I know the energy I get through her is pure and I’m protected.

When I feel down or tired I book a session to restore my energy for preventing getting sick. It works for me because I’m not sick anymore. It’s not a placebo effect because last year she did it on my cat.

My cat was sick, had a swollen throat with diarrhea and didn’t feel well at all. Before bringing him to the vet I asked Oriane to send him reiki. She did 2 remote sessions, one hour after the first one, his throat was unswollen and he started to feel better. A  few days later, he totally recovered. That was amazing to see! 

Val SG

Los Angeles, California, USA

 I had a Reiki session with Oriane at the beginning of the first lockdown in Germany. I was feeling anxious and quite lost.

This remote session was extremely helpful. I remember feeling strong sensations. Light, peacefulness, and a smile that would not leave my face during the last 10 mn of the session.

It was a great way to recover some inner peace.

Marie R.

Berlin, Germany

I booked a session with Oriane in the middle of a major depressive episode, and the next day after the session I woke up feeling so much lighter and with a new sense of hope. After the session she outlined in detail everything that came up for her, from chakras, my shadow self, my inner child, and my totem animals. She picked up on things I’ve buried so deep, but that connect so fully with my daily struggles. Now I can work to heal those parts of myself. Also the hip pain I’ve had for 3 months went away...she’s truly a magical woman. The most in depth and satisfying reiki session I’ve ever experienced.

Blair A.

Smyrna, Tennessee, USA

I didn't know the Reiki process before, it was my first time. I was really surprised about the benefits and the precision of this energy healing modality, especially because it was a distance reiki session.
Before the session I was feeling exhausted but after the session I was so relaxed with a lot of energy!
Oriane was wonderful: she felt something around my stomach and lower abdomen, and a week later... I learnt I was pregnant. It's kind of magic. I highly recommend. Thank you so much Oriane!

Marion H.

Paris, France.

That was an incredibly powerful experience!
It was my first time trying reiki and I was surprised by the intensity of energy that I felt during and after the session.
I highly recommend Oriane, she’s a warm, professional and clear strong healer.
She is also very open, calm and understanding.

Cynthia D.

Sydney, Australia  

I went to Oriane for my first Reiki session ever, not really knowing what to expect. She sat me down and we chatted for a little beforehand, to go over what we would be doing, and the reason for my trying Reiki. Well, it was the most relaxing hour of my life. Without ever touching me, I could feel the energy of where she was concentrating, and by the end it was like a weight had been lifted off my chest. After, she went over where she could feel the most tension, and it was certainly enlightening to me.

I can not recommend Oriane enough for Reiki. Her grounded, down-to-earth energy is exactly what I needed!

Christine C.

Los Angeles, California, USA

I had the best reiki experience with Oriane. I’ve never done a distance reiki session before and I was surprised in a positive way. Breathing is usually hard for me and about five minutes after our session started I just felt my chest opening up and almost out of a sudden it was so easy to breathe. I felt each part of my body relaxing one at a time, almost as I could feel exactly where she was putting the energy into. At the end of the session, Oriane sent me all the information and notes she got and everything just made complete sense. I feel more connected to myself and confident to follow the guidance that was given to me through this reiki session. Can’t wait for the next one.

Helena S.S.

Redondo Beach, California, USA

I was not sure Reiki would work for me but I was surprised when Oriane did my first session. I felt immediately lighter and released. I will definitely do it again!

Deborah H.

Los Angeles, California, USA

I had a Reiki session with Oriane, actually at the onset of my symptoms with coronavirus. I truly did feel an energy, a healing presence. I believe this constitues a positive transference of 'chi'. The reiki experience with her left me feeling becalmed and tranquil, where I was prior feeling extremely anxious. I felt her presence.
I highly recommend her and her methodology.

William G.

Los Angeles, California, USA

I contacted Oriane for a remote reiki session for our newly adopted Belgian shepherd from a shelter. Our dog was having a lot of anxiety attacks and had trouble feeling safe and relaxed.
Oriane did the session during the night (jet lag since we are in Paris). The next morning our dog seemed more relaxed but the days that followed were more and more obvious. She has been better and better.
We feel like we have a new dog. She managed to communicate positive energy and help her adapt to her new life.
Oriane gave us détails on what she felt during the session.
I highly recommend contacting Oriane. She has Powerful energy and is passionate and reactive.

Clara D.

Paris, France

Oriane's healing feels as if it's from another world. Not only did she give me Reiki energy in the areas I needed it, but she also offered wisdom from the animal and spirit realms that I really needed to hear. The amount of time and care she gave me was so special; I know she really cares about my well-being. I would recommend Oriane to my friends and family (in fact, I have!).

Alex C.
Brooklyn, NYC, USA

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