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30 min Reiki session
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Gift Yourself

Let's bring healing, comfort, peace, harmony and Love to your being

Due to Covid-19, all sessions are remote sessions only.


Reiki Sessions

30 min Reiki session


Perfect for chakra balancing, quick fix energy boost, for your pets, and to bring back a sense of peace and harmony to your multidimensional being..

Relationship Reading
60 min Reiki session

60 min Reiki session 


With a 60 min session, we can go deep into what needs to be taken care of. I go through every chakras, and let the reiki energy guide me where healing is needed and/or on a specific area or ailment you want me to focus on, always supported by the angelic energy as well, bringing the beautiful infinite unconditional Love energy to the process.

yearly Transit Reading
Package of 3 Reiki sessions.

Package of 3 Reiki sessions


Consistency is the key to bring healing to many ailments. 
You  deserve to feel good in your own body and to feel supported on your healing journey.


Remote Reiki is as efficient and powerful as in person sessions, thanks to one of the Reiki symbols called "The Distance Symbol". It allows the Reiki practitioner to send  the energy through space and time.
It is made possible according to the Law of Similarities, which holds the principle that we are all connected and made of energy.

There is no right or wrong way to receive Reiki; usually clients can feel heat as the energy is moving across the body, tingles, emotions may arise, or you might just fall asleep.

All you have to do is lie down.

Reiki only works for your greatest and highest good and is respectful of where you are on your specific journey.

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