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More of my background

    and other little stories

I was born in the South of France, in the city of Toulouse. Capital of the Occitanie Region, also known as The Pink City due to the Terracotta bricks used to build many of its buildings. I only lived there the first year of my life before moving back twelve years later. During my childhood, my family and I moved to three different regions and into eight different homes. I also changed schools six times. 

As a child, I’ve always been interested in spirituality and curious about a lot of different topics, one of my favorites being the Universe, the stars, planets, black holes... 

I was also convinced that we could heal with energy channeled through the hands. I was actually playing with my own energy; making it move from my heart center to my arms and down to my hands until I was feeling heat and tingles, then I was bringing it back to my heart center. Something was already there. Even maybe at a younger age as my mother told me about two events I frankly cannot remember.
When I was eleven months old and already on my feet, my mother told me that while we were walking around the neighborhood, I managed to spot a young man in a wheelchair who was always by himself. And each time I was seeing him, I was running towards him, taking his hands into mine and I was just staying there. My mother said each time a huge smile was appearing on his face. It was making him happy.

The second event of that kind was when I was 18 months old. My great grandmother was dying and the family was in her home. My parents told me I wanted to see her, so they let me go into her bedroom. She was lying in bed and I approached her to hold her hands in mine and I stayed there. The same thing I had done with the young man in the wheelchair.


Later on, around age nine, I realized how to transmute mild physical pain while working on my split at my ballet dance class. My dance teacher was keeping me in the split position to make it better and it was sort of painful. So I started to think there might be a way to not feel muscle pain during the stretch. That’s when I realized I was actually resisting the pain. I noticed how my body was contracting and trying to get away from the split position. So I told myself “this is not doing any good, I still feel the pain, so what if instead of resisting it, I choose to go into it and feel every inch of it?”. And that’s what I did. It was a little scary because when you stop resisting pain, the first thing that happens is you feel it even more,There is a crescendo. But then, I thought “stop telling yourself it is pain and tell yourself it is a sensation of the body.”. That’s when it shifted. The pain went away instantly. I was pretty happy about my discovery and used it during my ballet classes. 

At the age of thirteen, I bought myself a CD talking about Pranayama and I was doing the exercises that were more like guided meditations, in my room. 

Age sixteen, I wrote to an astrophysicist to ask questions about his theory related to dark matter.. Guess what, he answered back with an eight pages letter! I can easily say it was the highlight of my high school boarding school days! 

Age seventeen, alongside high school, I completed a child care certification with a specialty to take care of children and adults with special needs, in order to work in summer camps or in child care centers during school breaks.
I also started practicing Japanese martial arts, ju-jitsu, Judo and Karate for five years, which deepened my understanding of the Chi energy.

Age twenty-three, I graduated from University with a Bachelor’s degree in Public and International Law. 

After graduating, I wanted to spend a year as an Au Pair in the USA, in Los Angeles as I’d always been attracted to this city for some reason. I received a lot of offers from families located in NYC and its surroundings, Washington DC, but I decided to move to Paris instead as I had been accepted to the famous acting school, The Cours Florent. 

I spent many years in Paris, living as an artist as well as taking care of children, until I finally moved to Los Angeles.
This move taught me a lot! First, even if I learned english at school, I had to learn it all over again (yeah, the last english classes I’d attended at the University were classes where the english teacher only made us watch Mr Bean... Mr Bean doesn’t even talk! He barely makes grunts!). Then I had to work, so I've spent many years in the hospitality industry as well as booking acting gigs. And let me tell you something; there is no better social experiment than working in a restaurant! 

So, what about Reiki, I hear you asking? 

Well, it all started when I stopped the birth control pill I had been taking for thirteen years. My body was a wreck, I was experiencing so many intense side effects from getting off the pill, from depression, anxiety, mood swings, extreme fatigue, breakouts, to amenorrhea and so on. My hormone levels were out of control. I didn’t want to just see a regular doctor as I felt I was being failed by western medicine. So I started to read about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. I also started to have a regular meditation practice. Then, one day, while in a bookstore trying to find whatever would help me restore balance in my body, I found the book Reiki for Life written by Penelope Quest, and that was it. I spent the next few days on a beach reading this book, and as I was turning the pages one after another, I knew I was embarking on the Reiki journey to become a Reiki practitioner. Everything was resonating to an extent that I literally had constant chills. 
I was so committed, I became a Reiki Master/Teacher in two years, practicing every single day on myself, than on my friends, friends of friends and now clients.
I also deepened my skills and became a Metatron healing Practitioner as well.

And here I am now, serving the best I can channeling beautiful healing energies to whoever needs it! It’s a real honor to be able to help people this way. 

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