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Oriane, what do you feel when you channel Reiki during a session?

A question that comes back very often is “what do you feel when you channel Reiki?”, and even if all Reiki practitioners might feel similar sensations, I truly believe Reiki is also felt differently regarding the vessel (aka the practitioner) it is channeled through ---  as receiving Reiki can be felt differently from one person to another.

So let’s start with what people can feel when receiving Reiki in person or remotely. As I always say, there is no right or wrong way of receiving Reiki. Everyone is different, so it can manifest differently. .
Usually, people can feel heat waves or a cool wind travelling through their body, or just in a specific area, as well as tingles. Emotions can arise.  They can have a floating sensation.  Most of the time they feel very relaxed and a few of my clients fall asleep very quickly into the session. 


Now, what do I feel while channeling Reiki to you?

First I want to say I  have the same sensations no matter if I channel Reiki during an in person session or remotely.

When I start a Reiiki session,it feels like a “tube of energy” is being connected to me from above through the top of my head (my crown chakra) then down to the base of my spine ( my root chakra), and into the earth,  I become a clear and clean channel for the energy.
Then I put my hands in positions; I always start focusing on the client’s head.  Very quickly I feel heat and tingles in my hands and I start to feel the energetic field of the client.
During a session, my hands will move by themselves and go where Reiki is needed. I can  feel my hands following streams of energy. They can also start moving, forming specific shapes in front of a specific area of the client’s body. Yes, my hands never touch the body, it doesn;t mean that it cannot happen, it just didn’t happen yet. 

For a remote session, I have a clear representation of the client’s body in front of me, as well as chakras and organs that need to be focussed on.

When I am channeling the healing energy, my body becomes a map of the client’s body and I can feel energy blocks, emotions, physical ailments, which helps me to understand what is going on.
I can also receive guidance such as messages, visions, images specific smells… Does it happen every time? No, even if it happens most of the time. I do not force any messages to come through. I believe I will receive whatever is needed and relevant to the client’s healing session.

As I am also a Metatron Healing practitioner, I let this energy flow as well during my reiki sessions.
Metatron’s energy feels very dense and slow moving to me. It is a calm yet extremely powerful energy particularly beneficial for releasing whatever no longer serves people on their specific journey.
When channeled I often see different kinds of sacred geometries regarding where the flow is going, the main one being the Metatron’s cube as it is the one I activate in my palms and the one I intentionally place in the chakras needing balance.  If you wish to know more about Metaron’s energy healing, you can find a page on the website dedicated to it.

Last but nor least, I always start my sessions with clear, strong protective and loving intentions, so it creates a safe space for both my clients and myself.


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