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The Love Energy.

What if I was telling you we are immersed in pure Love Energy? That this energy is all around us and within us. That it is actually our essence and it connects all of us as one entity.

In the field of spirituality and energy healing, energy is often referred as Universal Flow, Universal Energy, Life force, Source, Chi/Qi, Prana… So why do I call it Love Energy? I call it Love Energy because it is really what it feels like when I channel it; a profound infinite and unconditional loving energy from where all things emerge, transform and transmute I am lucky enough to be able to witness this energy with my eyes. The two first times it happened were really random and possibly the most powerful (or did it feel this way because it was new to me?). The first time I was getting out of an Ikea store and the second time was a Saturday morning during a server shift. In both instances, the same feeling of time being suspended and expanded, accompanied by an immense sense of peace, calm and love. The Love Energy looks like a very thin white iridescent fog almost not invisible, with silver and golden highlights in it. The feeling of Oneness and “perfection as it is in the now” associated with it is extremely intense. I remember each time having tears rolling down my face. Awakening to the Love Energy is a crucial part of the evolution of humanity and it is part of the Ascension happening right now with the Age of Aquarius. Humanity needs to consciously connect to it and transcend illusions created over so many years to enter into Unity. Here is a download I received from the Archangels related to the Love Energy: It is said Love is the most ancient wisdom of the Akasha. God/Source is Love. Everything is created from there. The Law of Love is the Supreme Law of the Universe. All the other laws are created from there. One way to access the flow of Love Energy is to live from the heart space. It is the receptor of that energy.

The mind needs to be smoothed, relaxed, so the Love Energy can fully access the heart space.

The Love Energy is the gateway, the ultimate access to Unity. Everything is contained as One in the Love Energy --- as it is the Mother -- Distortions may limit the flow of it in a human being. Children have easy access to it as they are closer to Source (only a few years into their current incarnations). Later on, there is a need to peel layers of distortions off to keep the Love Energy flowing properly. Remembrance -- Humans are an expression of the Source/Love Energy in a material form. Understanding there is no separation will increase the flow of Love Energy. One humanity. One Source. All the same. Distortions play a difficult role in the understanding of it. This is what needs to be broken now. Erase distorted realities from the human experience. Witness the cycle of Life. Witness its natural flow. Feel Unity coming from that realization. Then open your heart and be there in your humanity. There, is the way. The way to Love Energy.” Let us look more closely at this message and start with the Akasha. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning aether/ether in elemental and metaphysical senses. If you check the definition of aether you will find that as a classical element it is the material supposed to fill the region of the Universe above the terrestrial sphere. But in a metaphysical sense, it is referred to as “upper sky”, space and heaven, as well as a subtle dimension of existence. It “contains” and “holds”. It is the element that connects us to Spirit, intuition, other planes and realms. The Akasha is also a sort of etheric icloud if you will, where everything that ever existed in the Universe is stored and archived. We call this “library” the Akashic Records, Archangel Metatron being the one in charge of them.. So Love would be the most ancient wisdom of the Akasha as Source is Love, and every Law of the Universe would be created from the Supreme Law of Love as well as contained in the Law of Oneness. Are you getting the Russian dolls feeling yet? What are the Laws of the Universe exactly? The Laws of the Universe are 12 universal and unchanging laws that ancient cultures have always known intuitively. Here’s a quick view: -The Law of Divine Oneness: everything that is, seen or unseen, is connected. All is One. -The Law of Vibration: everything created in the Universe has a frequency and vibration. Frequency, measured in Hertz (hz) units, is the rate at which vibrations and oscillations occur. Frequencies are used to determine and differentiate vibrational patterns. In 1992, a researcher named Bruce Tainic built a frequency monitor and discovered the average frequency of the human body is 62 to 68 Hz. The Love frequency is 528 Hz. -The Law of Correspondence: “as within so without. As above so below.” -The Law of Attraction: the Law of vibrations in actions. Attracting what we focus on through feelings and actions. -The Law of Inspired Action: we feel strongly and take action based on that feeling. This is the quantum jump of the Law of Attraction. A quantum jump is an abrupt transition of a quantum system ( atom, molecule, atomic nucleus) from one quantum state to another, from one energy level to another. So here, to draw a parallel, from a state of feeling to an action. -Law of Perpetual Transmutation of energy: energy takes one form and moves to another form, but never stands still. -The Law of Cause and Effect: any action causes a reaction. -The Law of Compensation: Sowing and reaping, Very similar to the Law of Cause and Effect. -The Law of Relativity: nothing and no one is inherently good or bad. It is all a matter of perspective. -Law of Polarity: everything in the Universe has a polar opposite. -Law of perpetual motion: everything in the Universe is in constant motion. -The Law of Giving and Receiving: there is a need to balance giving and receiving to be in a state of harmony. Since everything is contained in Love Energy, why are we not more aware of it as human beings? In the Archangels message it is said that “one way to access the flow of Love Energy is to live from the heart space”, and it is true that, in our modern society, we have a tendency to live from a mind space rather than a heart space: the need to be efficient following a daily busy schedule… And that’s how we disconnect from the heart, we don’t consciously choose to connect to it, instead we go with the flow of the “Matrix”, forgetting the flow of Love. With all the energy focused on the mind space, it is very hard for the Love Energy to flow abundantly and freely to the heart space. So what happens when the flow of Love Energy cannot flow freely and abundantly through us? I am going to draw a parallel with the air: we live immersed in it, we breathe it, but if we cannot breathe fully and properly, health issues are going to arise. If we cannot breathe at all, we die. Well, it is the same with Love Energy; we live immersed in it, it is our essence, it flows in our being, and we need it to live and to be healthy. But if the flow is blocked or becomes sluggish, I believe ailments on a physical, mental and emotional level arise. We are not meant to be disconnected from our essence. When I say disconnected, I mean living without being conscious of the Love Energy as our essence. We are intrinsically connected to it, but as I said, we can block its flow and make it sluggish in our being. This is why we need to take charge of dismantling and erasing our distorted perceptions of what we call reality; conditioning, illusion of separation., perceived limitations… The more we heal and clear distortions, the more our being will be open to receiving Love Energy. So, how can we heal and clear distortions? One way is to shift our way of living from a mind space to a way of living from a heart space. Basically it requires us to fall in love with the act of falling from the mind into the heart..

There is an easy way to do so, and everyone can do it on a daily basis. Well, it is easy and not that easy at the same time to be quite honest with you. It is easy because it is very comprehensive and accessible but not that easy because it requires thinking about doing it all over again day after day. This is where the real challenge lies.

To live from a heart space is simply to consciously put all of our focus literally on the heart area. What helps and works almost instantly is to imagine having an inner elevator going from the head space to the heart space: close your eyes and visualize it. Visualize and feel your focus entering the elevator. After inhaling deeply and slowly, you move the elevator, with all your focus inside, down to the heart area while exhaling slowly and deeply. When you arrive at the heart space,you just continue to breathe calmly, aware of where your focus is now. Then you open your eyes. Stay there for a moment. How does it feel? Look at the world around you. Look at the people. Are your perceptions starting to shift?

Use this method each time you feel triggered by an event or by someone, when you walk in Nature, when you look at the Ocean, a tree or the sky, when you connect with an animal. Use it often, make it your primarily state of being in this world.

It may take a little bit of practice but your perception will shift as your vibration rises beautifully. The illusion of separation will fade away, your perceived limitations won;t make sense anymore or at least they won’t fool you any longer. You will start to see yourself in others, in a bird, a flower, a lizard or a tree as we are all an expression of the same source. And over time you will access a state of Oneness which comes with a sense of peace, ease and Love.

I promise you will feel the Love Energy, you will feel it all around you as well as within yourself, always.

This is how we raise the vibration of the planet, this is how we ascend, this is how we save the world, if each and everyone of us take our responsibility and awaken to the Love Energy.


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