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Traditional Usui Reiki healing system combined with angelic energy
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Oriane Cabare
Reiki Master Teacher

Born and raised in France.
Living in Los Angeles, California.

One day I came across the adage "you don't find Reiki, Reiki finds you", and it's exactly what happened to me.

I remember wandering in the wellness section of a bookstore, looking for whatever would help me cope with the many side effects I was experiencing resulting from going off birth control pill, when my hands landed on the book “Reiki For Life’ written by Penelope Quest.
I never really heard about Reiki before then, even if I was very attune to the notion of energy, the Chi energy as I practiced Japanese martial arts for many years. I can even remember, as a child, having the inner knowing we could heal ourselves or others by using energy transmitted through our hands. And I remember often playing with my own energy, moving it from my heart center, up to the arms and down to the hands and keeping it there feeling heat and tingles, then bringing it back to my heart center.
But I knew nothing about Reiki, so I bought the book and spent the next few days on a beach completely captivated by it. And I just knew. I knew I was going to learn Reiki and become a Reiki Master. That’s why the adage “you don’t find Reiki, Reiki finds you” resonates so much.  It really felt destined.

So, what is Reiki exactly?

It’s in the early 1900’s in Japan that Dr Mikao Usui brought the reiki healing system into human awareness after he went through a deep spiritual awakening.
Reiki (霊気 in shinjitai "new character form Kanji} is translated as “spirit, miraculous, divine” for Rei, and “gas, vital energy, breath of life, consciousness” for Ki.
Reiki  works on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, through space and time. The energy is being channeled through the hands of the Reiki practitioner to a living being, plant, situation, object,..
Reiki is being received during in person or remote sessions with the same strength and efficacy.


Reiki relieves stress and physical pains, brings back emotional balance by releasing emotional blockages, accelerates the natural healing  abilities of the body,, removes toxins,  supports your natural energy flow, brings back harmony and peace to your being and is a beautiful support to other medical modalities. 

Reiki only works for your greatest and highest good, and is respectful of where you are on your journey.

And what about the Angelic Energy?

I intuitively started to channel Angelic energy during my Reiki sessions. It is a high-vibration purifying healing energy which feels like infinite unconditional love. 
I am also a Metatron healing practitioner and use this specific powerful energy during the sessions as well. 


Due to Covid-19, all sessions are remote sessions only.


"...My cat was sick, had a swollen throat with diarrhea and didn’t feel well at all [...] I asked Oriane to send him reiki. She did 2 remote sessions, one hour after the first one, his throat was unswollen and he started to feel better. A  few days later, he totally recovered..."

Val SG
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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